Hostels in Miami, South Beach

The pretty summer camps… Youkaïdi aïdi aïda.

Living in Miami Beach is sometimes a real headache for small budgets. To sleep with a roof in the area, you often have to count $150 per night… in low season. A more affordable and charming solution could well be the youth hostel, provided you choose carefully, because here again, you can find a little bit of everything and anything. An overview to know where we’re going and avoid unpleasant surprises.

The B.A.BA on inns

The atmosphere: As soon as you arrive, you may be very surprised… The charming youth hostel that has made your eyes spin on the Internet turns out to be a Spanish hostel where music is all over the place and alcohol flows until dawn.
A tip: visit the site and their Facebook page if necessary and especially check the reviews to get a better idea of where you are going. Take this opportunity to learn about hygiene and sanitation….

Hygiene: Miami Beach is not so famous for its plumbing and youth hostels will not be the exception. It is often not mentioned, but it is very important to find out before you arrive, unless you like cold water showers and the gentle rocking of leaks that make “ploucs ploucs ploucs” at night.

The price: Make sure that everything is understood, don’t forget that there are often extra taxes (VAT, hotel tax…).

The locality: There is nothing better than Google Maps to check that your hostel is not located next to an electro bar or a waste disposal centre… A small click is better than a big shock.

Luxury” version – Miami Beach International Hostel

It is one of the best youth hostels in the United States for its excellent atmosphere and excellent value for money. The other good news is that the inn is clean, which is far from obvious to its local competitors.

Services :

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner all included
  • Weekly hiking trips
  • Evenings with DJ in the nightclub of the hostel
  • Admission to VIP clubs in the best nightclubs in the city
  • Equipped kitchen
  • TV room
  • Outdoor patio

Security: you can go out until the early morning, with peace of mind because the hostel is equipped with secure lockers.

Hygiene: cleaning is done twice a day and each room has its own private bathroom.

The price: excellent value for money.

Conclusion: It’s almost like being in a 5-star hotel…… (almost). The hostel has been named number 1 in the United States (and even number 1 in the world… according to them).

Art Deco Version – Ocean Bleu Hostel & Restaurant

The hostel has a magnificent setting and an art deco atmosphere with a very central location on Ocean Drive. You will therefore be a stone’s throw from the beach. On the way back, you can soak your lips in one of the many cocktails served at the bar, enjoying the outdoor terrace. And to get your eyes full, climb on the roof of the hostel, admire Ocean Drive, teeming and lively at night.

Services :

  • Breakfast included
  • Roof top access with sea view
  • Equipped kitchen
  • Rooms equipped with a mini fridge and a TV (flat screen)
  • Washing machine service – free of charge
  • Book or DVD rental – free of charge.

Security: the hostel has lockers with padlocks in each room, 24-hour surveillance cameras and a secure bicycle parking lot.

Hygiene: private bathroom for each room and cleaning is done daily.

The price: an average of 29 dollars per night is high enough for an inn but justified when you look at the location and services.

Conclusion: Subscribers to the sunny idleness and the hot Miami Beach atmosphere, book now.

Chic bobo version – Freehand Hostel

Located in South Beach, Freehand Hostel stays away from the madness known from Ocean Drive or Collins Avenue. It is known and recognized for its bar, the Broken Shaker, voted the best bar in the United States in 2018. A la carte, incredible cocktails with the fruits of the garden to sip around their pool. Only problem, the nights are noisy, but it’s part of the Art Deco charm. We can’t have everything!

Services :

  • Swimming pool
  • WiFi
  • Cocktail bar: Le Broken Shaker
  • 24-hour reception
  • Restaurant and Bar on the 27th

Security: Lockers are available, bring your own padlocks.

Hygiene: Cleaning is done daily in the rooms and common areas. A few cockroaches, but it’s Miami, you’ll have to get used to it.

Prices: Prices are higher than average. But the framework is worth it. It’s not just a boo-boo!

Conclusion: Nice setting, nice pool, nice bar… but noisy. We go there more for festive happy hours than for restful nights.

Bugger version – Rock Hostel

Located in the heart of South Beach and the Art Deco district (at the corner of 14 and Collins Avenue), Rock Hostel is ideally located a stone’s throw from the beach. After a salty bath, you can enjoy a delicious pizza and a refreshing cocktail on the terrace overlooking the busy Collins Avenue street before jumping into the party bus that stops there three times a week. The most? breakfast is offered by the house.

Services :

  • Transportation from Miami Airport to the Inn
  • Free breakfast
  • Wifi
  • Equipped kitchen
  • A 24-hour reception service

Security: Lockers are available for guests of the hostel and the presence of 24h24 employees at the reception reinforces the security of the place.

Hygiene: Le Rock Hostel obtains an excellent score for cleanliness. Each room / dormitory has its own bathroom that is cleaned daily.

Prices: Rock Hostel rates are quite affordable with prices ranging from $20 to $30 depending on the season.

Conclusion: The adventurers run there… And so do the others.

Holiday version – Jazz on South Beach Hostel

Ranked among the “Top 20 Best Party Hostels in the World”, Jazz on South Beach Hostel is the place to be seen (and incidentally sleep) in South Beach.

Very well located, in the center of the popular Art Deco district, 500 meters from the beach and on Collins Avenue, obviously, you are in the heart of the action.

The hostel offers a range of traditional day trips (Key West, Everglades, diving,…) and reserves a VIP Bus, to be the star of the evening…Services :

  • A fully equipped kitchen
  • Breakfast included
  • Meals available from 3 dollars
  • Medium room perfect for a group of travellers or friends and a lounge to exchange with other travellers.

Security: here, it’s real, the hostel has a security rate of 76%. Conclusion: Keep your eyes open, the right one, so you don’t get in the 24%.

Hygiene: each room is equipped with a private bathroom and cleaning is done every day.

Price: the hostel has higher prices than its competitors… but we are on Collins or we are not.

Conclusion: For party people and late diapers, but not slippers.

Casual version – SoBe Hostel & Bar

Located 200 meters from the beach, this hostel is surely one of the cheapest in Miami Beach. The atmosphere is friendly and each evening has a theme; discotheque, poker… The owners are welcoming and offer to take you to the airport free of charge on the day of your departure (practical when the wallet is dry).

What the hostel offers

Services :

  • Breakfast included
  • Equipped kitchen
  • TV room
  • Large living room and bar with pool table
  • Washing machine and computer services available (chargeable)

Security: the rooms have lockers, but they are rarely used. A word of advice, take your own padlock and close your suitcase.

Hygiene: two collective bathrooms are at your disposal, but they are very clean. Cleaning is done daily.

Price: Reasonable

Conclusion: Good value for money, but comfort a little rough.

In any case, there are sites like FindHotel that allow you to compare hostels, hotels and B&Bs to find the best prices.


Good hostels are always difficult to find. The reason why a youth hostel is better than another is more to do with the people who stay there.
I stayed in hostels that really looked like landfills but had a lot of fun being there, thanks to the people who lived there.

On the other hand, I have already stayed in luxurious inns but where I was bored to death! As the saying goes, it is not where you are that matters but who you meet.
Nevertheless, it is always more pleasant to stay in a place that knows the needs of a traveller.

Here are my tips for choosing your youth hostel.

How to find a youth hostel

Personally, I always go through the Hostelworld website to find a hostel. After doing my research, I rank the hostels according to the most popular and highest rated. So I’m never disappointed.

When booking you will be charged only 10% of the total amount, the rest is to be paid on site, so don’t forget to say that you have made an advance when you arrive at the hostel! I noticed that they tend to forget it and I have often found myself taxed more than 10%.

Another advice, I recommend that you do not book more than one or two nights.

My advice for choosing the right one


Low budget travellers tend to go to really cheap inns.
However, do not try to save money just to save money. Many cheap inns are unhealthy, beds are uncomfortable, showers dirty, and pillows thinner than a towel. Feel free to pay one or two euros more to have a more comfortable place. Your body will thank you.


One thing I don’t like very much in some hostels is that they call breakfast “2 toasts and a coffee”. And you have to take it at 7:00 in the morning. I don’t know many travellers who would be ready to get up at this hour for even a good breakfast.
So try to find a place with a real breakfast or at least one that starts and ends when people are really awake.
Having breakfast is a great way to fill up for a good part of the day, reducing your food budget.


Never stay in a hostel with a departure time before 10am, the best hostels have a check-out around 11am and the really good ones allow you to leave until noon. Sleep is precious on the road and becomes increasingly rare when you travel, so it is an important factor.


It’s really amazing, but I’ve already seen hostels that didn’t offer lockers or asked you to pay for one. Nowadays lockers should be a standard, especially since you tend to travel with a lot of electronic devices (camera, laptop), it’s always more pleasant to know your things safely.
If there are none, I recommend you read my article on the 9 tips to avoid being robbed while travelling.


Whether it is to skyp with your family or answer personal or professional emails, internet travel has become a must-have these days!

A hostel with free WI-FI and computers at your disposal makes life much easier. You won’t have to look for an Internet café.
Most of the hostels I went to offered free internet access.

Otherwise it is not the case, you can still read my article on how to have internet when travelling.


I noticed quite late in my travels that some hostels had a bar, it is not necessary but very pleasant. Generally it is the sign of a very good atmosphere since the managers emphasize fun and festive evenings.
And it’s a great way to socialize with the other occupants of the hostel.


If the hostel does not have a bar, it should have at least one large common area. The best hostels are those that give travellers a place to socialize and relax. For me, an inn without a common room is really not pleasant. Common spaces facilitate interaction and help solo travellers connect with others.
The best hostels I know all have a great common room.

A hostel does not need to have each of these criteria, but it should have a majority to be considered a comfortable place. Apart from the above criteria, I am flexible on everything else.
What makes a hostel pleasant are the people you meet there, and even if it is the worst hostel, it will remain pleasant to you thanks to the people you meet.
But remove people from the equation, and only the criteria mentioned above will remain. A hostel that knows your expectations as a traveller will make your experience a better one.

And do you have any criteria for selecting a youth hostel?