Cancun Is Back And Better Than Ever!

On October 21, 2005, Cancun was struck by Hurricane Wilma, the most intense Atlantic storm on record. However, after little more than a year, Cancun has remerged as an even more enticing destination. With over $1.5 billion committed to the citywide rebuilding effort, resorts have not only repaired their structures, but have improved upon pre-storm conditions. Nearly all of the city’s restaurants and bars have reopened, many with sparkling new additions and renovations. However, Cancun isn’t finished. Many more improvements will be completed early this season, guaranteeing that this could be the best year ever to visit beautiful Cancun.

Perhaps the best upgrades in Cancun were performed on the world-famous beaches. Known for their wide stretches of white powder sand, Cancun’s beaches were reduced to rocks by Wilma’s storm surge. Yet, because of eroding beachfronts throughout the world, the technology of beach reclamation has grown by leaps and bounds. Belgian firm, Jan de Nul, used their latest innovations to extract 96 million cubic feet of pristine sand from the waters off the Mexican coast. After the sand was transported by a pair of vessels back to shore, giant pipes succeeded in reforming up to a half mile of beach per week.

Yet, Cancun didn’t settle for a copy of the old beaches. According to Cancun’s Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, “The white beaches are what Cancun is all about. So we wanted to make sure we were getting that same silky sand that people love and a lot more of it than before.” In fact, this summer, beach lovers in Cancun are greeted with waves 10 feet higher than those they are accustomed to on Oahu, while locals enjoy sand dunes stretching 20 feet high. Don’t miss out on the best views of the island – be sure to book your vacation well in advance to ensure you get to see the island light up night for a spectacular sunset.

Other beautiful beaches located in the Mexican Riviera host equally talented competition. As with any crowded resort, you will find a plethora of options when it comes to beaches. Some hold swimming events each year, while others provide pristine white sand that is composed of about 80 percent by sand, with the remaining 20 percent made up of silica and clay. If you are looking for an intimate venue for a wedding, a desert island beach should be your first pick.

However, keep in mind that with an island as popular as Cancun, you won’t be able to find acres of crystal-clear sand anywhere. The beaches you do find will be quite sandy, however, and this will really depend on the size of the resort you choose to vacation in. It is more than worth it if you can find a large piece of sand. If not, you might want to take a boat ride.

If you are looking for large resorts with varied amenities, you are in luck. Resorts can be large, but they are also small. This ensures that families with smaller members can find a large-fire party going on nearby, while larger groups may enjoy the belonging of a resort. Lastly, consider staying in a resort that doesn’t have any casinos. Thebeds in casinosare notorious for fires, which can spread quickly and burn holes in hotel walls.

So, how do you go about finding the perfect Cancun vacation? You will find that it is fairly painless, but know that your unique circumstances will determine the success of your trip. Begin by thinking about the details of your trip, the places you plan to visit, and the activities you hope to do. Give serious thought to your biggest-lifelong dream. Then begin researching details. Write down dates, places, and activities.

Visit websites. Page after page of information on resorts, hotels, and activities.illed about the trip. Decide on your priorities, and keep track of the money you’re prepared to spend. It’s also good to know what’s included in the vacation package. Keep in mind that the price you pay for the trip may be subsidizing your trip significantly. If all else checks out, the trip may turn out to beuscertain, but it will be definitely unforgettable.

If you can’t get all your checkbook work done, call a travel agent and let them know what it is you would like to do with your vacation. No doubt, they will have the perfect one. Be sure to temper your expectations just a smidgeon. You aren’t going to walk away without some great views of that mountain peak you have always wanted to see.