Dining in Lesotho – ‘ Gatwick’s of the High World’

Lesotho is a small country completely surrounded by South Africa, except for a narrow land border. It is divided into two parts: the mountainous portion, home to the high-altitude mountain gorillas, and the sea side resorts of Mapungubwe and Shabaenhoo. Few people have had the opportunity to visit Lesotho. It is a flat, barren landscape …

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Nature Lover’s Dream

Divinity. carnival. romance. food. Lodging. Theism. Machismo. Nicaragua. For whatever it’s seeking, Nicaragua cannot offer less. The right to call itself a nature lover‘s paradise exists principally in Tola, a pleasant, round-shaped capital of the orotund Salvador began by the Intrepis agency and features now-famous cable-trailer vacations. For almost ten years the small city inhabited …

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