Up The Highest Peak in the Caribbean

So what’s all this hype about climbing the highest peak in the Caribbean and exactly where is it? Well, it’s called Pico Duarte and located in the Dominican Republic. The peak is over 3,000 meters high and provides a challenging climb with a beautiful payoff.

We started at the base with the sunrise. Starting the day is a really refreshing experience as you can’t help but breathe in the aroma of fresh tropical flowers. Though this has to be done carefully to not upset the earth beneath you, the first few minutes are filled with the temptation to just grab a gear and go.

climbers only have to trudge along the first few warders in order to reach the Gardens of Geneva. A hundred meters higher, the sight is even more impressive with clouds floating along the peak. Unfortunately, the clouds conceal a dangerous situation.

On the third or fourth week of the trip, Kayla breaks her silence. She is the first to the top of the mountain and blissfully says to the others “I am so happy to be here. This is the highest mountain in the Caribbean and it is also the closest to heaven.” With her assurance, the others follow her up and safely arrive at the top. There areowersfulof water at the base of the mountain and the ability to see the mountains from the garden of Geneva is always welcome.

Now the pilgrims must cross the Harpan River to theOptional Step and then the final descent to Paradise. The final step is the journey to the base of the sacred mountain and the actual prayer time. In the garden of heavens, they stand before the condor and are able to see the entire region. After the prayer, they are taken to their vehicles where they are presented with a certificate: “You carried your heart Africa and that is the highest mountain in the Caribbean.” And the next thing they know, they are in the city of hammocks stretching out on the beach.

I was asleep before the end of the trip. At exactly 5 a.m. sharp, white peak reconstituted itself in the sky and I was up. It was the most ordinary thing that can happen in life. A small plane flew in and we landed on its belly right outside our hotel. ostriches were flying around the base. Doves flew from the cliff face high in the forest. A beautiful scarf of feathers emerged from the forest. We spent a couple of hours in the forest and then headed on to the beach. It was the best part of the trip. Hours spent on the white sandy beach with ostriches, thousands of tiny monkeys waddling away from you, a small town of Africa away, and the occasional roar of a lion or hyena.

I hardly got a glimpse of the mountain because the visibility was so low. Surely it must be very dangerous. It is a vast area and we should have tried to hire a guide or a tour guide but we were not given any kind of assistance. We were advised by a guy from the hotel that we could get help in the village but we should have told him specifically not to tell anyone anyone there and to just enjoy the mountain.

I was soothe by the time I could write this and was extremely relieved to read actual experiences others had had previously. So I decided to write a tutorial/how to guide article and this is the result. I want to help people like me to learn while experiencing it right here in this blog.

1. Please be calm if you are camping alone or with your partner.

2. Keep everything organized

3. Spray everywhere to keep insects away.

4. Keep cool in high temperatures.

5. Do not feed anyone they will not return the favor.

6. Fill up your lost items.

7. Respect nature and do not chop down anything including logs.

8. Take pictures but only with your own two eyes.

9. Spray again and again.

10. Go slow and watch everything.

11. If attacked, fight back.

12. Never leave your trash behind.

13. Finally, where is your map?